I am a lonely painter. I live in a box of paints.
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Goodbye, LiveJournal.

I'm moving. I just don't seem to ever spend any time here anymore, so I'm concentrating my efforts here:


Feel free to add this to your favorite blog reader.

I will miss a lot of my LJ friends - there are a few of you who I've added to my google reader, but if you want to keep in touch, by all means let me know via email, or comment on the blog.


French Fry

"And I'm starting to think it could happen to me like it did to you
And I'm starting to actually feel it seep through the slick divide now
I don't crack the door too far for anyone who's pushing too hard on me"

-Liz Phair, "Nashville"


Lynchburg Hillcats, Dusk, July 4:

Dusk Hillcats

If the legacy weren't already assured... from washingtonpost.com:

President Bush today refused to rule out a pardon for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, one day after he spared the former White House aide prison time by commuting the 30-month sentence imposed after Libby's perjury conviction in the CIA leak case.

An unanswered question last night was Vice President Cheney's role in advocating leniency for his former chief of staff and alter ego. The vice president has been outspoken in his admiration for Libby, even in the face of the jury's verdict that his former aide perjured himself. "He's one of the most dedicated public servants I've ever worked with, and I think this is a great tragedy," Cheney said after Libby's conviction in March.

America, can we please remember this time...?


Shenandoah County, Virginia:

Shenandoah County

Went to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia for a couple of days. Took a few pics on the way up, but nothing of any great import. It was a pleasant enough trip, though I doubt I would go back.

Shentai was amazing. Like nothing I have ever seen before.

We played ball tonight and won 15-14 in the bottom of the last inning when the opposing pitcher walked in the winning run. Not a great way to win, but we'll take it.

And now, a napping dog.

Car Jessie

1. Let us all bow down now, and give thanks for Wilco.

2. We lost, and lost badly, at softball on Thursday. So it goes.

3. Off to Lynchburg tonight.

4. Tomorrow night: Shentai!

5. On an unrelated note:


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